Making Shika Senbei in Nara

If you have ever had the chance to visit Nara, than I am sure are familiar with a thing called “Shika Senbei”, a small round cracker which can be purchased to feed the deer in Nara Park. This past weekend I joined a group ride from a local bicycle shop named Delft Fietswerkplaats.  One of the places we stopped during the ride was the Takeda Shika Senbei Co. It is one of only five places in Nara that produce Shika Senbei and is one of the largest manufacturers here. A visit to here is special as it is the only producer that actually allows visitors inside to see how they are made. They are not always open for tours though, so you must call in advance first before stopping by.

A mixture of water, flour and bran. Looks like pancakes...but sure doesn't taste like!

Takeda Shika Senbei Co.

Address: Nara-ken, Nara-shi, Narazakachō, 2476−2 


Phone: 0742-22-4853


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